In short, we offer 100% Hong Kong design stylish and fashionable knit fabric bedding and gadget.
Cotton knit fabric is made by loop formation, using relatively soft elastic weaving and spinning technique. It offers soft and comfortable handfeel. For details, please visit our page Knit vs Woven
Thread count is the number of threads, horizontally and vertically, per square inch of a fabric. It applies for woven fabric but not knit fabric. Dearcottonlife uses breathable and stretchy cotton knit fabrics for bedding and gadget.
No, knit fabric is stretchy but also has good recovery with comfy handfeel.
Compared to polyester, nylon and other blended fabric, cotton tightly knitted fabric especially with longer fibers tends to pill less.
Since cotton is natural fiber, shrinkage is normal. However, it only shrinks to a certain extend with proper product care. Li-dealz has already presumed and calculated the shrinkage and applied on the Size fitting.
In general, single is suitable for 3′ width, double for 4′-4.5′, queen for 5′ and king for 6′. For custom size beds, Size Guide and our specialists are glad to serve you.
Cold water, warm heart. Avoid bleach, stain removers or harsh soaps. Wash bedding on delicate cycle and air dry. Visit our page Product Care for product care and maintenance information.
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We also welcome made-to-order and bulk purchase. Enlighten us, talk to us!