Product Care Tips

Our Cotton Knit bedding is easy to take care of. We recommend washing before use. Simply follow the tips below to keep your bedding clean and fresh as new!

───     Product Care Symbols     ───

Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Machine wash cold, 30°C
Medium Iron, 150°C

──────     How to Wash     ──────

  • Dissolve the detergent completely into water
  • Put the fabric inside the washing machine
  • Soaking time < 30 min
  • Water temperature < 30ºc
  • Air dry or tumble dry by dryer at the lowest temperature

─────     Things to Avoid…     ─────

  • Mix with clothes that have metal zippers or a rough texture
  • Mix with dark color fabrics
  • Use fabric softeners (they coat the natural fibers & break them down)
  • Bleach
  • Dry clean